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West Village offers media booking services for print media. We provide reports and do all the research for you to make sure you get the best possible coverage for your products and services.
We work with you to define your advertising goals, plan your budget, and choose the right publications. We field all the calls from the media reps and present the alternatives in a coherent manner so that you can make informed decisions about how you spend your advertising dollars.
When it comes to negotiating rates on your behalf, we often get substantial reductions that can translate into increased frequency or free up funds for other parts of your strategic mix. Recently, we saved 32% overall off quoted rates on a budget that involved placements in 20 different publications.
Whether it’s national news magazines, newspapers or niche trade publications, we’ve had years of experience with all of them. In over a decade of producing and sending out ad materials, we’ve never missed a deadline or sent materials that couldn’t be used. Let us take the headache out of dealing with advertising in magazines and newspapers for you.

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At this point, I no longer shop the market as I believe I have already found a winning combination in price, design, delivery and finished product. Why would I go anywhere else?
Dave Hass, BFI Canada Inc.

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West Village Communications has taken us down a new and exciting path with both our print advertisements and our website. Geoff has taken the time to understand our organization and our customers and this approach has led to some very exciting new opportunities for us. I highly recommend West Village and look forward to working with Geoff for many years to come.
Kevin Bull, KDM Electronics Inc.

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I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Geoff Stanners for nearly twenty years. His amazing creativity and his ability to put thoughts into the right words has made him an invaluable resource partner for my advertising and marketing projects. He helped me create many effective ad and marketing campaigns for Yorkville Sound and A-line Acoustics.
Geoff has many years experience in professional photography and graphic design, layout and printing for catalogs, brochures and advertising. He has made it his business to know my business. His fine attention to detail and his ability to get the job done right and on time has made him a favorite with my trade publications and marketing associates. We know if the materials are coming from West Village, everything will be perfect...AND IT IS!
Geoff founded West Village Communications and recently expanded its services to include video and web site creation and management. His expert guidance helped A-Line Acoustics create and develop a first-class looking internet presence. He understood our technical requirements and provided affordable solutions, which gave us the tools to effectively update and maintain web site content.

Bud Mayer, A-Line Acoustics

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